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Although Lindsay Lohan had been in many photo shoots prior to her nude November Playboy spread, it was her porcelain complexion in the Marilyn Monroe-inspired photos that had fans and critics looking at her in a new way.

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As it turns out, artist Domingo Zapata chose to follow suit and created a more PG-13 art piece of the 25-year-old that just sold for more than $100,000.

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The work, which is comprised of four Polaroid photos Zapata took of Lohan, has the words "An Apple . . . that I like . . . with a bite out of it. Adam and Eve changed mankind forever . . . started SIN . . . it was a plain simple apple hanging from a tree. Then the world changed for all of us," scripted throughout the grid layout.

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The New York Post reports that the work is believed to have been sold through the Hus Gallery to a prominent British collector.


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