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Lindsay Lohan has avoided jail, at least temporarily, as a city prosecutor looks into exactly what she did to complete her community service. And, it looks a little shaky.

The oft-troubled actress faced being locked up if she didn't complete 240 community service hours, stemming from her 2012 reckless driving conviction. Lindsay appeared to pull off an 11th hour miracle as her attorney showed up with proof that the service had been fulfilled.

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But, the City Attorney wasn't so quick to let Lindsay off the hook after seeing what she considered "community service." According to TMZ, Lindsay, who's been in London starring in a play, considered her "meet and greets" with fans "community service."

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The City Attorney is now investigating exactly what the actress did to fulfill her community service hours.

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Jail time is apparently still on the table if it's determined her hours don't meet the City Attorney's requirements.