CHICAGO (AP) — Ever since The Second City opened in December 1959, the Chicago comedy theater co-founded by Bernie Sahlins has helped produce some of the world's most famous comedians. Many followed their Chicago runs by landing cast roles in "Saturday Night Live," while others have jumped to TV sitcoms, talk shows or movies.

The list of famous Second City alumni is extensive, but here are a few of the big-name stars who were part of Second City between 1959 and 1985, when Sahlins sold the theater. In parentheses are the years listed by Second City for when the performers joined the company.


— Alan Arkin (1959)

— Dan Aykroyd (1973)

— Jim Belushi (1978)

— John Belushi (1971)

— John Candy (1973)

— Shelley Long (1976)

— Bill Murray (1973)

— Harold Ramis (1969)

— Joan Rivers (1961)

— George Wendt (1975)