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Hopefully it wasn't during a surge pricing period! Liza Minnelli's was caught in a bit of a pickle when her flight couldn't make it to a performance because of turbulence. So, she did the next best thing: she hailed an Uber … for 200 miles!

The ride lasted throughout the night. For Liza, the show must go on!

"Friday's rough weather made traveling a nightmare for Liza, who spent most of the day flying from LA," a source told Page Six.

The showbiz legend was headed to Wilmington, N.C., for a black-tie affair to play with the North Carolina Symphony at Cape Fear Community College's new Humanities & Fine Arts Center.

Mother nature had other plans.

"Her connecting flight from Charlotte suffered extreme turbulence on its way to Wilmington," the source said. "The pilot flew back to Charlotte."

That's when Liza, along with her musical collaborator Cortés Alexander, got on he phone and hailed a car via the somewhat controversial/widely beloved ride-hailing app. The source said the duo "ended up finding an Uber to drive 200 miles." It's about a four hour drive, especially in trying road conditions.

The driver, according to the report, was a former Egyptian Olympian.

Liza rep confirmed the long ride, saying, "He drove all night and finally delivered Liza to her hotel at 6:30 a.m."

Later that day, she played to a crowd of 1,500 and received a standing ovation.