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Ludacris has donated $50,000 to help the victims of the deadly typhoon which battered the Philippines earlier this month.

The rapper's pledge will benefit officials at the mGive Foundation, who are distributing money to five non-profit agencies.

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A statement from Ludacris, reads, "Typhoon Haiyan has hurt so many people. If we can give what we are able to help the families who have been devastated by this tragedy, we can all make a difference. You don't need to be an entertainer to help...

"The world is made up of many voices, but we are one community... We are a community of action, helping our fellow world citizens in their time of need. Suffering knows no borders. Our charity and compassion can stretch across the sea."

Typhoon Haiyan ravaged the Asian nation, claiming the lives of over 5,200 people and leaving thousands homeless.

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In addition to his generous donation, the rapper is getting into the Thanksgiving spirit by giving away turkeys, collard greens and sweet potatoes to 250 families in Atlanta through his The Ludacris Foundation.

He says, "This is the foundation's 11th year giving away turkeys and distributing food boxes for Thanksgiving. I especially look forward to this time of year because it allows me to directly touch the people we are trying to help. If we all pitch in, we can help families who have unfortunately been overwhelmed by a hurting economy and possible joblessness.

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"Collectively we can make a huge difference -- you don't need to be an entertainer or rich to help! Just do something small - something that says that they are not forgotten -- something that says they are not alone."

He's not the only music star digging deep this Thanksgiving -- Rihanna has also pledged $100,000 to the typhoon relief effort in the Philippines.