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Maria Menounos says she always has the best intentions and it was never in her plan to take Giuliana Rancic's job at E News! She just couldn't do that to another woman, she says.

"When I was being sought after by E!, I made it very clear to them that I didn't want to be coming over to take somebody's job," the celebrity host told Redbook magazine of replacing Giuliana at the flagship program. "And I was assured that wasn't the case."

In July, it was announced that Maria would replace Giuliana and reports of a feud came to the surface. The woman, it was reported, are archenemies.

"It's the battle of the b------. They're like oil and water. They cannot stand each other," a source said at that time. "They've always been rivals. Maria sees Giuliana as competition and it goes back years," the source said. "They never speak and they won't appear on-set together. It's kind of unspoken that if she is in the building, Giuliana wants nothing to do with her."

Maria, however, said her intentions are pure and she prides herself on accepting job offers with grace.

"That's always been important to me," she said. "I remember years ago, I was asked to replace someone with a sick child. I was young and it would have been a huge job for me, but I told them I couldn't take it. I have a pretty strict code with these kinds of things. If a guy beats another guy out for job, it's like, Hey, congratulations. With women, it's a different story."

Her life, she said, has been a roller coaster ride of late.

"The last two years were very challenging for me, both professionally and personally. I just felt kind of lost and I didn't know how to handle it," she said. "I grew up always worried about what everyone was going to think of me. But the thing is, I'm not perfect -- no one is. But I've learned that I have to be accepting of myself... I do have a problem where I think I always have to be working and achieving something -- I'm really trying to work on it. You will never catch me sitting by the pool or watching TV by myself. It's hard for me to shut down."