@mariahcarey / Instagram 1 / 8
@mariahcarey / Instagram 1 / 8

Cue the "Awwws!" Mariah Carey shared an adorable picture of her 3-year-old twins Moroccan and Monroe on Monday, Aug. 4, drinking mocktails and sharing a pedicure bath.

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"Roc&Roe having an early @ButterflyDrink party!" Nick Cannon's wife jokingly captioned the sweet snap. "Get your Butterfly drink at @Walgreens & find out about my NYC summer party! #Thirsty4Butterfly," she added, promoting her new "melodic beverage."

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In the picture, the siblings wear pajamas and hold a giant wine glass while they soak their tiny toes in a pedicure bath.

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The pedicure party is just the latest fun the family has had. On July 3, Carey shared an equally adorable picture of herself with "dem babies" and an umbrella as they sat by a window watching the rain. "Getting through the storm!" she shared with her followers.