Gwyneth Paltrow wasn't referring to Winona Ryder when she recently wrote about a "frenemy" who was once "hell-bent" on taking her down.

She was referring to Mario Batali, jokes the chef, her Spain On the Road Again cohost.

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At the NYC Food Bank's Can-Do Awards on Tuesday, Batali kidded about rumors that Ryder and Paltrow's friendship soured after Paltrow went after Ryder's part in 1998's Shakespeare in Love.

"Well, I wanted the part as well, too, I must point out," Batali joked with Us. "And I said some very nasty things about both those girls in the bathroom one day. And thank God there were no blogs yet at that time because no one was able to write it down!"

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Kidding aside, he said he thought it was interesting that bloggers began speculating that Paltrow was referring to Ryder.

"People who used to have to try to write a letter to get it published by the editor now can write it and have it immediately published and have it become actual fact in no time at all," he said.

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But Paltrow can't complain.

"If you're going to be famous and make $5 million a movie, you gotta take the lumps," he said. "It's just like Sean Penn in his early days. He'd punch a camera man. If they're in your face, you can punch them. But you got to take the heat for punching them. Its all about taking responsibility for your actions."