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Michael Jackson's full coroner report was sealed up until today, and the records show it was the powerful drug Propofol that killed the singer.

According to the document, the cause of death is due to "acute Propofol intoxication." It also states that benzodiazepine effect contributed to the death, but was not related to the immediate cause of death.

The coroner report reveals that punctures and contusions were found on the right neck, left calf, both arms and right ankle of the King of Pop. In addition to Propofol, a number of other drugs were found in his California home along with paraphernalia including one green oxygen tank, a broken syringe, an open box of hypodermic disposable needles, an open box of IV-catheters, UVA Anthelios XL lotion, an open bottle of Bayer aspirin and empty glass vials.

On Monday afternoon, a Los Angeles court charged Jackson's former personal physician Dr. Conrad Murray with involuntary manslaughter in relation to the death of the music icon.