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Hilary Duff has a fan in her boyfriend, Mike Comrie.

Before the Ottawa Senators player even saw the premiere of Duff's new film, Stay Cool at the Tribeca Film Festival in NYC, he knew he'd enjoy it.

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"It's always fun watching her work," he told Thursday.

He adds that they make an effort to cheer each other on -- Duff is a staple at Comrie's hockey games -- whenever they get the chance.

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"We have fun," the NHL star told Us. "We both live such different lives, but its always fun to support each other and spend time when we get to."

With Comrie playing in Canada and Duff shooting across the country, the couple has few moments together in the same city.

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"If it's worth it, you make it work," Comrie said.

Seconds Duff: "It's natural for us, which I think is great. I think that we both have busy jobs, and we're both very focused people, so that helps, too. Since we are apart so much, its not like one person is at home waiting for the other."

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