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"Shahs Of Sunset" cast member Mike Shouhed is stripping down and posing for an upcoming issue of Playgirl magazine.

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The 34-year-old real estate agent is already comfortable with cameras around as they film Bravo's hit reality series, but this time around, he'll be showing off a little bit more than viewers usually see on TV. Shouhed tells the New York Daily News that although his photoshoot for the magazine is sometime this week, he still is unsure of exactly how much he'll show to Playgirl readers.

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He explains, "I haven' t really decided how much of Mike Shouhed they're going to get. I want to make people happy and keep it classy. I'll have to see how I feel that day. I hope they keep it warm in there."

And no matter how much or how little will be shown in the publication, Shouhed insists that his decision to appear in Playgirl isn't just for the money. He says, "I hope it gets the message out there that Persian men are sex symbols. I think I'm in the forefront of a new trend of letting women know that Persian men are the real deal and if you haven't tried one, you should."

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