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As soon as Mischa Barton dried her eyes over President Barack Obama's inauguration, she was back in celebratory spirits, throwing herself a high society Parisian birthday soiree -- and tongue-kissing a Canadian model for the cameras!

Zut alors! We know the French are fond of erotic cinema, but have they brainwashed our beloved Marissa Cooper already? Before you can say the L-word, Barton was eagerly blogging about the scandalous photos:

"As I'm sure most of you have already seen, I was photographed at my 23rd birthday party engaging in what most of the gossip blogs refer to as a 'girl on girl kiss.' Well I just wanted to take this moment to clear the air by saying that the kiss was purely platonic! We were joking around and it was taken out of context.

The anonymous female I was photographed with is actually my close friend Irina. Irina works as a model in Paris and since meeting a few months ago we have been spending a lot of time together. We share a lot of the same interests and I really enjoy her company. I guess you can say she's become my Paris partner in crime!

So no, I haven't switched teams. In fact, I have someone else that is keeping me occupied at the moment."

Phew. Thanks for clearing up that crazy rumor, Mischy. We almost thought you'd broken it off with that special "someone else" (Luke Pritchard of The Kooks) and pulled a Lindsay Lohan on us. What ever could give us that crazy idea? Oh, who knows, maybe this old video clip from Once & Again of you and Evan Rachel Wood swapping spit.

That's right, Mischa Barton is now one degree of separation away from tongue wrestling Mickey Rourke.

Can we get that on Pay-Per-View?