@missyelliott / Twitter 1 / 3
@missyelliott / Twitter 1 / 3

More than a decade ago, Missy Elliott told us to "Work It." It seems that the hip-hop star has been taking her own advice in the gym.

In a rare public appearance on Oct. 16, Missy performed at the Alexander Wang H&M collection launch in New York looking noticeably thinner than ever.

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In a picture of herself posted on Twitter, "The Rain" singer looks every bit the part of gym rat with a Nike hoodie and a trucker hat that says "You Can't Workout With Us."

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Missy summed up the night by saying, "Just got off stage thanks @ALEXANDERWANGNY and @hmusa for having me perform I enjoyed."

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A Twitter user named Zionology posted the same picture of Missy with the caption that said the rapper, "Is aging backwards as she looks younger than ever and more beautiful." His post was retweeted by Missy.

Work it, girl!