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Having a superstar sister and dad hasn't made 13-year-old Noah Cyrus immune to the occasional fan freak-out, she tells the May issue of Teen Vogue -- especially when it comes to a certain well-coiffed Canadian.

The youngest Cyrus sister admits that she had a major fangirl moment when she met Justin Bieber, 19. "When I met Justin Bieber, I could barely speak," Noah told the publication. "I was just going crazy inside. It was at an awards show in Canada, and after he went and changed for his next set, I kind of stole his clothes. He doesn't know it yet."

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"Miley's stylist dressed him for that event, and they had his stuff, so I took it home!" she continued. "Justin was my first love."

But just because she goes gaga over some of her sister's musical colleagues doesn't mean that Miley's mini-me is looking to jump into the show business herself just yet. Seeing her father, country artist Billy Ray Cyrus, and Miley have to deal with the consequences of fame has made her a little wary.

And, Noah notes, she doesn't always agree with what her older sister does in the public spotlight either -- including Miley's very public haircut last November.

"She called me and was like, 'Are you with Mom? Go look on Twitter,'" she recalled. "So I looked and … she's bald! I would never cut my hair like that, but it looks good on her."

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"There are some ups and downs, but it's pretty cool because I get to meet a ton of people," she continued about the perks of having a famous last name. "Some parts are ehhh, not my favorite. Like, the paparazzi drive me insane, but other than that it's fun."

Noah is instead focusing on her first love (aside from Bieber): riding. The young Cyrus says that she is currently "riding horses and competing in shows about once, maybe twice, a month," and is hoping to one day go to the Olympics for her sport.

"Maybe I'll sing and act when I'm older, but right now, it's just about the horses," she said.


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