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Nadya "Octomom" Suleman's new life as a topless performer continues this fall, when the mother of 14 releases her first single, "Sexy Party."

The "sexy" part is presumably related to the image on the album cover, which features a topless Suleman standing before actor Adam Barta. Gentleman that he is, Barta obliges Suleman by putting his arms around her waist -- and his hands around her nipples.

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TMZ has obtained a sneak peek of the image, which is shot in black and white against a backdrop of the bed where we imagine said "sexy party" is taking place. Behind the bed, a series of crosses adorn the wall. The religious decor happens to match the rosary beads dangling from Suleman's chest.

According to TMZ's all-knowing, nameless sources, the whole sex-and-Christian-iconography theme is intended to be a tribute to Madonna.

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The website reports that like Madonna, Octomom enjoys singing "about liberation." So, naturally, she honored Madonna in the most natural way possible: by taking her shirt off and using Adam Barta's palms as a bra.

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The single is due out Sept. 4.