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"Parks and Recreation" star Aubrey Plaza is still kicking herself for not recognizing the handsome A-list fan who approached her: hunky Ryan Gosling.

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"I had a funny thing with Ryan Gosling once, where he approached me at a juice bar and I didn't recognize him, because I'm an idiot," says Plaza, who stars on the NBC sitcom and headlines the quirky indie film "Safety Not Guaranteed," in theaters June 8.

"He approached me and said, 'I'm a really big fan of the show.' I said, 'Thanks. You look really familiar. I know -- we know each other.' He was like, 'No, we don't.' I was like, 'Yeah -- have we worked together? Are you an actor?' He goes, 'Yes.' 'What's your name?' 'Ryan.' I still didn't get it. I still had no idea who he was."

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Plaza says at that point she realized Gosling was having a little fun by leaving her hanging. "He was kind of looking at me, kind of smirking and I was like, 'No. We know each other,'" she recalls. "He said, 'I'm telling you, we don't know each other, but I'm a really big fan of the show.' I was like, 'OK, Ryan the Actor, whoever you are. I know we know each other.' Then he left, and then a second later I was like, 'Oh my God, that was Ryan Gosling! I'm an a------.'"

The story was a stunner for her Gosling-obsessed friends, says Plaza. "Everyone was like, 'How could you do that?'" Her excuse? "I was just so focused on getting a smoothie."

Now that she's realized who he is, the comedienne did want to offer a personal message to her famous fan: "Ryan, I'm so sorry. I'll see you at the altar."

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