Terry Renna / AP 1 / 11
Terry Renna / AP 1 / 11

Patrick Dempsey and his wife may have announced their divorce last week, but his left ring finger isn't quite ready to move on.

The "Grey's Anatomy" actor was photographed still wearing his wedding ring on Jan. 25 at a NASCAR event.

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Although the paperwork cited "irreconcilable differences" as a reason for the divorce, Patrick spoke to the Associated Press just hours before the news broke of the split, saying that he essentially needs more balance in his life.

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"It would be nice to be one-pointed and not spread so thin sometimes," he said. "I think where I'm going is to really streamline and be much more specific in balancing things a little bit better than I have in the past."

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One of his big time commitments obviously is his longtime role in "Grey's Anatomy." Another commitment is his love of motorsports and racing.

"I've been incredibly fortunate to have 'Grey's' run as long as it has," he said. "It's been a tremendous gift, and it's allowed all of this to happen. That's been taking up a lot of time, and of course, you have a life off the track and your family and trying to balance that out and make that work and then focusing on the racing."

Patrick and Jillian Fink have been married since July 1999.