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Robert Pattinson is a wanted man. So says Patti Stanger.

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"All of Hollywood wants him," the "Millionaire Matchmaker" star explained to Wonderwall at InTouch magazine's Icons & Idols event following the MTV Video Music Awards on Thursday night. "He's a wanted ticket."

But Patti, who has made a name for herself by connecting singles on her hit Bravo reality show, insists that Robert should fend off advances from all females, even the famous ones.

"He needs to take a dating break," she explained. "He should be in Hollywood detox for six months. He can't date right now."

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Her prescription for R-Pattz's dating profile comes in the wake of his split with Kristen Stewart, who was caught cheating on him with director Rupert Sanders in July. The fleeting affair ended Kristen and Rob's relationship, which dated back to 2009.

"He's British, and he holds a grudge," Patti said. "[Brits] are different than Americans. … This isn't a woman scorned; this is a Brit scorned. I wouldn't want to go out with him next. He's not in marry mode. He's hurt."

And he's not the only one.

"I feel bad for [Kristen] in a way 'cause she admitted her mistake," Patti said. "I just don't think he'll take her back."

And if he doesn't, we'd like to remind Rob that Patti's love-connection services are always available. After all, he is a millionaire.

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