Let's see these boys bargain their way out of this one!

Pawn Stars stars Rick and Corey Harrison were slapped with a hefty fine recently after leaving their Glamis, Calif. campgrounds less than sanitary over Thanksgiving weekend, TMZ reports.

The father-son duo allegedly left more than 10 trash bags' worth of garbage — everything from beer cans to a full-on barbecue grill — at their campsite, an offense that could result in a fine of approximately $1,000 per head for each member of their camping party.

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In California, leaving trash and littering is punishable as a misdemeanor crime.

Not that either of the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop owners is acknowledging any wrongdoing.

"We left the campground before our buddies did and they were to clean it up and apparently didn't follow through. My father nor I were cited," Corey told TMZ.

Earlier this year, the scrappy pair faced some legal woes of their own when Wayne F. Jeffries, who helped to launch the show, claimed that he was blindsided by the announcement of a possible spinoff of the hit History Channel show, Cajun Pawn Stars.

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