PETA / Promotional 1 / 10
PETA / Promotional 1 / 10

Hot talk? Hot bod!

The outspoken Wendy Williams lets her figure do most of the talking in a new campaign for PETA. She's the latest celebrity model to bare her body for the organization's iconic "I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur" campaign.

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Launching a new national campaign on Wednesday, the talk show host, 48, was on hand to present her huge billboard in New York's Times Square. In the shots, Williams wears nothing at all, with her toned figure concealed only by her long, flowing hair.

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"We should all try to be comfortable in our own skin and let the animals keep theirs," said Williams in a statement. Williams used to wear real mink and fox, but changed her mind when she learned how animals are brutalized for their furs.

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This holiday season, Williams will also encourage her fans to donate used fur coats to PETA with the aim of donating the coats to the homeless and victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Williams joins the ranks of other stars who've graced PETA's "Go Naked" campaign, including Eva Mendes, Christy Turlington, Taraji P. Henson and others.


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