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They've got a secret, and they can't keep it!

The lovely ladies from "Pretty Little Liars" were spilling secrets at both New York Comic Con and Paleyfest over the weekend of Oct. 10, giving fans glimpses into the lives of their favorite liars.

When the show returns, it will be five years later in Rosewood, and the stars shared that they had a pretty big say in where their characters ended up.

"I actually told them 'Hanna has to move to New York and I'm only shooting my scenes in New York,'" Ashley Benson told fans at New York Comic Con about her character Hanna's whereabouts. It looks like show creator I. Marlene King acquiesced, since the next half of season six will find Hanna with a job in fashion in New York City, and engaged -- though they wouldn't specify to whom.

But as far as the romance department goes for our other favorite "Pretty Little Liars" pairings, it's looking pretty bleak.

For Lucy Hale's character, Aria, fans wondered whether she and her older boyfriend -- and former teacher - Ezra will still be together now that their ages are slightly more appropriate. Lucy told People magazine at Paleyfest, "It's finally not creepy! We love it." But, despite their romance being completely legal, we won't find the two together at the start of the sixth season's second half.

Troian Bellisario didn't have much happier news for fans of her onscreen romance with Keegan Allen's character, Toby. The actress spoke to People magazine at Paleyfest about her character Spencer's relationship with Toby, saying, "He is still a cop, but he lives in Rosewood, she lives in Washington, D.C., so there's a very complicated and long history between them. And that doesn't often lead to a very good relationship."

Shay Mitchell wasn't in attendance, as she as on a book tour, so fans weren't given much insight into what her character Emily would be up to. But there's not too much time to wait, as a special episode airs Nov. 24, before the sixth season starts back up again on Jan. 12, 2016.