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Are shilling for a cosmetics giant and dispensing advice on how to firm your butt mutually exclusive? London's Mail on Sunday claims Gwyneth Paltrow may be contemplating ending her easy money-generating contract with Estee Lauder in order to transform her inner aspect-nourishing from a weekly lifestyle newsletter into an empire. " . . . Now she wants to expand her personal influence to become an Oprah Winfrey-like lifestyle guru via her website," a source maintains. "She wants to become a brand as herself and she would have been limited if she was tied down to this cosmetics deal. Ending it was a priority for her." But the actress's spokesman downplays the importance GOOP will play at contract renewal time. "It's a bit soon to discuss her renegotiations with Estee Lauder," the rep tells the paper, "but her intention would not be to end her relationship with them to concentrate on GOOP." Gwyneth, meanwhile, was concentrating only on husband Chris Martin on Friday night; she was front and center as Coldplay kicked off the latest leg of their U.S. tour in West Palm Beach, Fla. Paltrow also made an emotional gesture that should help quiet those long-percolating rift rumors, pressing her hand to her heart as Martin belted out "Fix You," a ballad he reportedly wrote for her after the death of her father, Bruce Paltrow, in 2002.

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Are Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz about to bring another button-cute but badly named bundle of joy into the world? Star magazine claims the parents of 6-month-old Bronx Mowgli are expecting their second child, but that's apparently news to Ashlee's dad, Joe Simpson, who took to Twitter to declare the stork talk "totally not true." What is true is that the couple celebrated one whole year of marriage on May 17, which Simpson marked by referencing their "Alice in Wonderland"-themed nuptials in a Twitter post to her hubby. "Eat me . . . Drink me . . .," she wrote. "Happy anniversary." His response: "Can't believe somebody could stand me for a year! Happy anniversary."

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When most of us lounge around the house, we're typically outfitted in a holey T-shirt and sweatpants that still have drippings from last night's burrito on them (or maybe that's just us). But in one more instance in which a celebrity is nothing like us, Beyoncé kicks back in a perfectly coordinated ensemble. " . . . When I'm at home I usually wear the same thing every day," she tells the London Sunday Mirror. "I have my straight-leg jeans and a pair of Christian Louboutins and a little jacket and a white shirt." The chanteuse also casually mentions how she's sent about "15 designer bags a month," before adding, "I can only imagine how much they cost. Even I wouldn't buy some of them."

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And finally, if you're in need of a day-brightener, there's nothing quite as effective as sunny Matilda Ledger being her usual sprightly self. The tot joined mom Michelle Williams and her grandma for a stroll around Brooklyn in New York on Monday morning. A day earlier, she made a playful break for it with a smiling Michelle following closely behind.

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