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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are among the rare few who can let a chunk of change ride in Las Vegas without worrying about the financial consequences. The New York Daily News reports the mini-moguls won a pile of cash playing blackjack at the Palazzo in Sin City on Sunday night only to lose it all. But the twins weren't exactly broken up about their unlucky streak. They headed over to club Lavo and did some serious rug-cutting long into the night. "They danced non-stop with their friends," an eyewitness tells People magazine, "and playfully took photos of each other."

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Moving on from Las Vegas to Paris, it appears Lindsay Lohan may be taking her drama global. The New York Post says the starlet has caused a near-mutiny at the House of Emanuel Ungaro by turning up in the City of Light to discuss becoming a "creative consultant" for the fashion firm. That hasn't set well with lead designer Esteban Cortazar, who was apparently unimpressed with the artistry behind Lindsay's knee-pad-bedecked leggings line. "Esteban is threatening to leave the company if they bring Lindsay on as a consultant," a source tells the paper. "Ungaro thinks Lindsay is going to bring the company new energy and new buzz, but she is going to be the nail in the coffin. Nobody will take them seriously ever again." Anyhow, once LiLo is done sending Paris into a tizzy, she plans to wing over to London, where capricious squeeze Samantha Ronson has been doing DJ duty. "Sam and Lindsay are sort of back together," a source informs the paper. "She has been living at Sam's house in L.A." By the by, it looks like Lohan won't be getting back together with her porn king-bestowed Maserati, which was towed from outside Sam's digs last week. reports the flesh-peddling tycoon has reclaimed the car and is selling it on eBay. Last we checked, bidding was at $60,500.

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Meanwhile, Britney Spears is set to relaunch her cash-making Circus tour in London this week, but is she performing under duress? E! News believes the popster "feels terrible" but is continuing on with the tour due to pressure from her string-pulling dad, Jamie. "It's a freak show right now," says a source. "She's phoning every song in. It's pretty obvious she is not happy to be here."

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And finally, somewhere on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia, Amy Winehouse's liver begs for mercy. The London Daily Mail recently checked in on the once-promising singer and has concluded that her extended sojourn has gone "nightmarishly wrong." How wrong? She's apparently downing shots at 9 a.m. "I think I'm doing very well," insists Winehouse. "I'd normally have had six shots by now. Today I've only had two." Resort staffers have taken to pushing cups of tea on her, but they've had as much luck as the handful of minders hired by Amy's record company to watch over her (and aim her toward the recording studio). "Over the past couple of weeks she's been drinking more and more," one worker tells the paper. "She used to have color in her drinks -- you know, juice -- but now all I can see is clear liquid."

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