MTV's Catfish: The TV Show has captivated millions of viewers -- including Bridesmaids' breakout star Rebel Wilson. The reality series, which follows young people as they meet their online lovers for the first time, was inspired by the 2010 documentary starring Nev Schulman.

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In a series of Twitter posts Jan. 17, Wilson, 26, admitted to watching "like six episodes" of the "addictive" program. "That Catfish show is so funny and yet so sad at the same time. Kinda fascinating," the Pitch Perfect star wrote. "Just watched the original [documentary] and it's awesome!"

"I would never online date unless it was for 'comedy research,'" the Aussie added. "The other things I've done for 'comedy research' include fat camp and drinking."

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The single star has gleaned a few important lessons from the show. "Catfish teaches you to Google image search. Always!" she tweeted. Calling the series a "very fascinating character study," Wilson admitted she "can't believe these people do this."

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Catfish: The TV Show airs Mondays at 11 p.m. EST on MTV.

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