The Civil Wars and T Bone Burnett, "A Place at the Table" (Sensibility Music)

Think of the soundtrack for the documentary "A Place at the Table" as something of an appetizer.

Yes, there's new music from The Civil Wars in collaboration with producer T Bone Burnett. But there's not a lot — just a few original songs. The rest are instrumental swatches, which are beautifully done — and just a little bit heartbreaking — but leave you wanting something more satisfying.

That more robust Civil Wars album — the proper follow up to their surprise breakthrough "Barton Hollow" — could be on the way after difficulties late last year within the duo of Joy Williams and John Paul White. They attended the Grammy Awards together, where they shared a win with Burnett and Taylor Swift on their "The Hunger Games" collaboration "Safe & Sound."

The highlight here is the closer "Finding North," which captures the best of Williams and Whites' soaring vocals and deep emotional resonance they've become known for.


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