Passion Pit, "Gossamer" (Columbia Records)

From their achingly hip EP "Chunk of Change" to their 2010 follow-up "Manners," anticipation has been turbo-charged for another pitch-perfect, electro-pop album from Passion Pit.

And their latest, "Gossamer," hits all the right notes. The band keeps exploring the themes of hipster life — intoxication, love lost and hopelessness sung in their beautiful, uncontrived manner. Opening track and first single "Take A Walk" is a rousing festival anthem that you could easily imagine a beer-tinged audience chanting its chorus.

"I'll Be Alright" blasts with a weighty beat and "Mirrored Sea" sounds like a definite dance-floor hit. Then there's the electro synth-heavy "Cry Like a Ghost," which muses on excessive drinking.

Overall, the Massachusetts-based band has a created an album that is melodically upbeat and lyrically melancholy. And it works.

CHECK THIS TRACK OUT: "Love Is Greed" questions young love with lamenting strings.


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