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Time healed all wounds for Richie Sambora and Heather Locklear.

More than five years after the rocker and the "Melrose Place" actress ended their 13-year-marriage, the "Every Road Leads Home to You" singer said they've made amends -- and it's not just because they share 50/50 custody of 15-year-old Ava.

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"We're very good. It's actually even beyond for [our daughter's] sake," Sambora, 53, said on "Access Hollywood Live" on Sept. 25. "Heather and I really respect each other and we've become better friends, I think, now that we're not married."

Adding that they "go out all the time as a family," Sambora said he's currently "in a very good place" with the '90s TV icon, 51.

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Sambora -- who ended his on-and-off romance with Locklear's former pal, Denise Richards, 41, in June -- also opened up about life with Ava.

"Throughout my parenting I have given her a moral barometer, because when they become teenagers, they're going to be away from you more than they're going to be with you," the Bon Jovi guitarist explained. "They're going to make their own decisions."

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"She's dating. She's already dated," Sambora added. "I have a nice big house and I make sure all the kids come over to my place so I get a chance to [meet] them."

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