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Ri-Caprio has commitment issues.

Although Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio have been linked for a few months, it seems that they are no closer to being exclusive than when they first got together, but that's apparently because of Leo.

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Rihanna, according to TMZ, is way more committed than the "The Wolf of Wall Street" star is. He likes her, yes, but he's not willing to settle down with her into a full-blown relationship. Recently though, the are-they-or-aren't-they couple got cozy as they celebrated RiRi's birthday, an event Leo helped organize.

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"Rihanna's the clingy one," a source at the party told TMZ, adding that despite her obvious stunning looks, skyrocketing career and the fact she should have been the center of attention at her own birthday, "she's following him everywhere."

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The couple reportedly engaged in some heavy PDA at the party, but they're just in the "more than friends" category right now.

"It's still not exclusive," TMZ reported, "more like they're each other's first choice."