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"Twilight" hunk Robert Pattinson poses for the sexy cover of Details magazine's March issue and reveals he wasn't exactly thrilled being surrounded by a plethora of naked women.

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"I really hate vaginas," he tells the magazine regarding the hours-long photo shoot. "I'm allergic to vagina. But I can't say I had no idea, because it was a 12-hour shoot, so you kind of get the picture that these women are going to stay naked after, like, five or six hours. But I wasn't exactly prepared. I had no idea what to say to these girls. Thank God I was hungover."

Speaking candidly in the new interview, Pattinson says there is one special relationship in his life.

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"The only emotional connection of relevance is with my dog," he says. "My relationship with my dog, it's ridiculous."

Pattinson, who's new movie 'Remember Me,' hits theaters March 12, says despite the success of 'Twilight,' his confidence has dwindled.

"When I was 17 until, I don't know, 20, I had this massive, baseless confidence," the 23-year-old actor says. "This very clear idea of myself and how I would achieve success, which involved making decisions. I saw myself picking up the phone and saying 'Absolutely not' or 'Definitely yes.' Having control. Except you have to figure out whether the way you think at 19 or 20 has any value. And eventually I understood, with all that control, which was probably illusory, I wasn't progressing. So now I'm relinquishing a bit.

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"Seriously, you eventually realize you can't make every single decision. I was always building, always protecting something. At the same time, I seemed to be losing the ability to move. I'd protected myself into checkmate. Even mentally," he says. "I can barely remember the last two years. Not like a haze of partying or anything like that. Just . . . it's been crazy."