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The proverbial fork may have been prematurely stuck in Cameron Diaz's romance with strapping British model Paul Sculfor. Despite recent whispers that the prepossessing couple had ended their year-plus romance because they couldn't "find time for each other anymore," they did just that during a recent night out at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles. According to People magazine, the actress turned up with a couple of girlfriends just as Sculfor was finishing a raucous dinner with some of his British buddies. Diaz joined the group and "smiled uncontrollably" after introductions were made, relays a bystander. After Paul's buddies departed, he stuck with Cameron and her crew for the rest of the evening.

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He may be a much-altered shadow of his smoldering former self, but Mickey Rourke still has a way with the ladies. A gross, disturbing and altogether ooky way. The London Daily Mail snapped the resurrected actor, 56, giving a sloppy tongue bath to a 24-year-old Russian model at a New York City hot spot earlier this week. We're not sure what's more unsettling about their makeout session: that Mickey seemed to be trying to swallow the misguided looker whole, or that he was styling hair straight out of "Battlefield Earth." If you feel compelled to check out his puckering skills, click here, but we must caution you that the photos may put you off both human contact and food (especially fruit -- innocent strawberries were harmed during his tonsil-polishing) for the rest of the week. Also, protective eyewear and a gallon or two of brain bleach might not be a bad idea.

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Speaking of Mickey Rourke, his "Wrestler" co-star Evan Rachel Wood, who earlier this year brushed off romance rumors by declaring him "too old for me," has apparently had a short-lived reunion with Marilyn Manson. While the starlet told the May issue of GQ that they had reconciled after "taking some time" apart late last year, the whey-faced rocker stepped out for dinner Tuesday night in Los Angeles with doe-eyed, probably-could-do-better model Isani Griffith, whom he began keeping company with in December.

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It looks like David Duchovny and Tea Leoni have weathered last year's marital setback. The New York Daily News reports the wedding ring-sporting pair, who split last October follow the actor's stint in rehab for sex addiction, were in the grips of connubial bliss as they took their two kids to see "Hair" on Broadway last week. "Tea and David [below] were beaming throughout the show and definitely seemed thrilled to be back together," a spywitness tells the paper. "They're one big happy family again!"

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