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If this is a day when the Earth revolves around the sun, it must be time for Lindsay Lohan to have another blow-up with Samantha Ronson. claims the inconstant inamoratas got into a shouting match when the starlet arrived at Sam's Los Angeles home around 6 a.m. Monday. "As soon as Lindsay was let in the house, [they] began yelling at each other," alleges an on-the-scene paparazzo. "Lindsay screamed a little bit at first, but then we heard Sam yell at Lindsay to get the [bleep] out of her house! She sounded really irritated, and it seems like Lindsay was picking a fight with her over her dinner with Drea [de Matteo] at Nobu [Sunday] night." (You'll recall that back in April, when LiLo was in "absolute hell" following her ostensible breakup with Sam, she accused Drea of taunting her by saying, "Come at me, b---h.") Then again, maybe Lohan and Ronson were just arguing over what time to set the alarm, because the issues-plagued actress ended up spending the night. But it seems this wasn't their only tiff in recent days. In the early hours of Friday morning, Lindsay was reportedly locked out of her capricious squeeze's digs after a supposed squabble over Sam's car. Just hours before, the deeply dysfunctional pair appeared relatively couple-like as they hung out at the Chateau Marmont with pals, reports People magazine. Lindsay, whose straight-to-TV flick "Labor Pains" debuted Sunday night to a critical yawn, was "openly affectionate" with Ronson, "leaning" on her and "hanging on her every word." The DJ was -- shocker -- "more restrained."

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While out stumping for "The Ugly Truth," Gerard Butler has squeezed plenty of mileage out of denying reports that he's hot and heavy with Jennifer Aniston, even joking on "The Tonight Show," "We're very much in love. Especially her." But in between his pooh-poohing, he's apparently remained on the prowl. reports the burly Scottish star nudged his manager to get the number of a pretty redheaded reporter covering the junket. No word on whether Butler later passed the auburn-haired beauty a note during study hall.

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Things are looking pretty darned shaky for Madonna's arm candy Jesus Luz. Last week, a source dismissed him as mere "child's play" for the pop icon. Now, the London Daily Mail is chiming in with whispers that the Big M, 50, has given the Brazilian model, 22, whom she was first linked to in December, the old "hey, let's just be pals" spiel. Seems Madonna, who was photographed with Luz last week when they joined designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana for dinner in Milan following a concert stop on her Sticky & Sweet tour, simply "doesn't have enough time" for him. "Jesus has been accompanying Madonna on tour but they have been staying in separate hotel rooms," alleges a mole. "Jesus is doing everything he can to persuade Madonna they should stay together. He's hanging in there like a lost puppy. Chances are they will be seen out again together, as it's good for both their images, but Madonna has made it clear it's only a friendship."

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Has Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore's Twitter obsession crossed over into foreplay? On Sunday, the goofballish actor posted a Photoshopped pic of his hard-bodied missus rocking an impressive Mohawk. "Wifey just got a new haircut," he wrote. "What do you guys think? I love it." Demi's plucky response: "I have the buzzer ready, baby!" Adorable, right? But things soon took a hair-raising turn into TMI. After Ashton assured his more mature half, "I'm just playing baby, but I think you'd look great with that cut," Demi suggested, "How 'bout I shave your initials into my head?!" Kutcher, however, had another, far more intimate, area in mind for her personal grooming. "You could shave them somewhere other than your head," he opined, which prompted Moore to offer, "Like my armpit?" Ashton must have been sufficiently turned on by that point, because he proposed, "Why don't you put your phone away and come kiss your husband?"

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