Michael Wright / WENN 1 / 8
Michael Wright / WENN 1 / 8

She's unrecognizable! When was the last time you saw '80s and '90s sitcom star Roseanne Barr? Whenever it was, you'd never imagine she looks like this now!

The comedian and star of "Roseanne" was photographed on Sept. 1 with her youngest child, Buck Thomas, and she looks drastically different -- for the better! Roseanne is now considerably thinner than everyone remembers her to be, and she's gotten rid of her black hair in favor of a platinum hue.

In the image, which is the first time she's been photographed with her son since 2012, Roseanne dons a gray sleeveless sweatshirt and gray sweatpants.

Roseanne's weight loss hasn't exactly been a secret. Last year, she opened up about her thinning body, joking to Us Weekly that she "doing crack."

"I'm just doing the things you're supposed to do," she said in a more serious manner, "you know, moving more, and eating less."

Earlier this year, she revealed that she's going blind after discovering she has glaucoma and macular degeneration. She's even turned to medical marijuana to ease her pain.

"I just try and enjoy vision as much as possible, you know? Living it up. My dad had it, too," she told the Daily Beast in April. "[Marijuana is] good for me for that because I have pressure in my eyes. [Marijuana is a] good medicine for a lot of things. It's expansive. It opens your mind. You're like…Wow, you're in awe. You look up into the stars. It makes you wonder. It doesn't close that down."