Russell Brand has always been something of a nonconformist -- but his spirit may not be the only thing running free these days. On Tuesday, July 9, the 38-year-old British comedian stepped out in L.A. minus his usual tight black pants -- or any below-the-belt support at all, it seems.

Perhaps in an effort to stay cool, Brand -- who's busy preparing for his Messiah Complex comedy tour this summer -- donned printed, billowy pants that clung awkwardly to his anatomy and appeared to offer an outline of more than just his leg. He paired the loose-fitting bottoms with flip-flops and a gray sleeveless shirt emblazoned with a faded yin-yang symbol.

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The bohemian, maybe-commando ensemble is a change for the Forgetting Sarah Marshall actor, who's rarely spotted without his trademark skinny jeans. In fact, during his monologue on Saturday Night Live two years ago, he joked that the pants were an essential part of his wardrobe -- and not just for personal style reasons.

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"In England, when you're famous, this is how tight you can wear your trousers," he joked at the time. "In England, tight pants mean your famous. In America, tight pants mean additional screening at JFK airport, I learned earlier today."

Then, noting that he would be wearing "looser trousers" for some of his costumes on the show, he quipped, "Let me just assure you: I will be wearing a pair of tight trousers under those loose trousers. Not really as a fashion choice anymore; more out of an obligation."

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"If you've worn tight trousers for as long as I have, it induces a kind of chaos down there," he continued. "And the trousers essentially hold things together. If I take these off, it just springs into chaos. It's essentially the same principle as a jack-in-the-box."

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