Team USA's unofficial motto? Work hard, play hard!

That's why late Sunday, America's superstar swimmers -- including Ryan Lochte and Tyler Cleary -- headed over to London hotspot China White to celebrate their Olympic successes together.

An eyewitness tells Us Weekly the athletes danced and drank the night away as a group; Lochte had invited family and friends, while Cleary took over DJ duties.

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Not surprisingly, a line of female admirers waited to see if they could party alongside hunky gold medal winner Lochte, though he was kept away from the crowd in a special VIP area, the witness shares.

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Their teammate Michael Phelps was noticeably absent from the festivities; Phelps, who recently began dating model Megan Rossee, nabbed his 22nd Olympic medal following his first place finish as part of the U.S.' 4 x 100m medley relay team Saturday.

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