Sarah Jessica Parker's three children are not only adorable, they're great gift-givers too, the Sex and the City actress told Us Weekly at the Tiffany Blue Book Ball on Thursday, Apr. 18. The fashion icon explained that her kids -- son James Wilkie, 10, and twin daughters Tabitha Hodge and Marion Loretta, 3 -- are very big on getting creative when it comes to Mother's Day gifts.

"First of all, any note that James Wilkie writes me is an incomparable gift," she told Us. "He writes such lovely, sweet, touching notes that are sometimes quite funny and my daughters draw me pictures all the time, and if I'm away, they mail me wonderful, wonderful pictures of themselves, self portraits."

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"Loretta just drew a beautiful, long beaded necklace that she sent me in the mail that she hopes to have one day," the actress added. 

Parker, 47, said that her children aren't exactly following in her fashionista footsteps just yet, however. They have other interests: The twins are currently "very into ballet" and James Wilkie is "into the WWE."

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Matthew Broderick's wife explained that the best Mother's Day gift, however, is the time she's able to spend with her family -- especially given her hectic schedule.

"I'm hoping I don't have to go someplace to work and fly that day," she said of next month's holiday. "My husband is extremely good about acknowledging that day. We don't have a celebration, but there's always food that I like, which is all that matters to me."

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