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Scott Disick sought help until he didn't. According to Us Weekly, the troubled reality star checked into a Florida rehab center on July 5, only to stay for a few hours and check out.

The magazine says that Scott arrived at the center after returning to the United States, following his vacation in Monte Carlo ... a vacation that saw him getting frisky with an ex girlfriend. Earlier this year Scott checked into a Costa Rican rehab facility.

"Friends got really worried about Scott after he went on a bender during his France trip and urged him to enter a rehab facility," a source told Us.

According to TMZ, his friends are continuing to urge him to seek help. The man known as "Lord Disick" recently missed his daughter's 3rd birthday party and friends are pointing to that absence as evidence that he's fallen off the wagon again. Scott actually has an appearance at Las Vegas nightclub 1 OAK on July 10, but some of inside circle is begging him to cancel and get treatment instead. TMZ said that friends think Scott's presence in a Vegas nightclub would be a "dire mistake."

For Scott, nightclub appearances have become a way of life and a nice portion of his income. The reality star nets tens of thousands of dollars to just appear at a club for a few hours.

All of this comes at a time for Scott where he suddenly finds himself single. His longtime girlfriend recently pulled the plug on the couple's nine-year relationship, but according to People magazine, Scott doesn't really seem to care much, because he thinks he and the mother to his three children can reconcile.

"Scott says that he's doing fine," a source told the magazine. "He says that he is not upset that the relationship is over, because 'over' doesn't always mean 'over.' He has left open the door to getting back with her."

The couple has broken up and gotten back together several times, but Scott knows this time it may be the actual end.

"But he's open to the idea that she may not forgive him and it may really be over for good, and he's okay with that, too," the source said. "Right now his feeling is, whatever happens, happens."

Kourtney, it seems, has already made up her mind on the matter. According to TMZ, Kourtney organized the removal of Scott's belongings -- mostly his clothing -- from the couple's Calabasas, Calif. home and had it sent to a home Scott recently purchased in Beverly Hills, Calif. It's unclear if she even told Scott she was doing it.