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By Saryn Chorney

Is Sean Penn taking his Oscar and running? Much like his "I Am Sam" co-star Michelle Pfeiffer, two-time Academy Award-winner Sean Penn just announced that he's putting his family before stardom. Accordingly, Penn has pulled out of two major studio films. Well, good for him -- and good for Robin Wright Penn and their kids. We hope.

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According to Variety, the famously moody actor just informed Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment that he will be unable to star in the drama "Cartel," which was slated to be his next movie, nor will he make the start date of the MGM and Farrelly brothers-directed comedy "The Three Stooges." You know what that means... Mickey Rourke might get the chance to replace him as Larry alongside Benicio Del Toro's Moe and Jim Carry's Curly, making the cast even weirder than before. Awesome!

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As some may remember, Penn filed for a request to dismiss his legal separation from his wife last month. It was the second time he had rescinded their divorce proceedings. In related news, Penn's rumored mistress Natalie Portman is probably relieved she doesn't have to worry about Robin Wright Penn boiling her baby animals anymore.

But seriously, we're glad Sean is so committed to giving it another go. That's pretty rare in Hollywood. Besides, Robin seems like a good wife and mother, plus she's a talented actress. (Luckily, Sean's ex Madonna finally got her baby, Mercy, and is too busy celebrating this week or she'd definitely be bummed out about this news. Just a hunch.)

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Who knows how this plan will pan out for Penn. All we know is that his latest projects "The Tree of Life" with Brad Pitt and "Fair Game" with Naomi Watts just wrapped, so at least we have those movies to look forward to in 2010.

We wish our beloved Spicoli and his Princess Buttercup the best of luck rekindling the flame. Get back to work soon, guys. Hollywood needs you!