@shannamoakler / Instagram 1 / 6
@shannamoakler / Instagram 1 / 6

Shanna Moakler's new boyfriend is an angel ... a Hells Angel, that is!

And the news reportedly isn't exactly sitting pretty with her ex Travis Barker, either.

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The former reality-TV couple has been at odds for years now and they were both recently arrested for making death threats towards each other. At the time, Shanna even reportedly threatened to sic her new boyfriend on the Blink 182 drummer.

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Although the former couple has been off-and-on over the years and they still live together, it's really gotten ugly between them lately.

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TMZ is also reporting that Barker will likely try and use the Hells Angel connection against Shanna in their ongoing custody battle for their two children. Shanna, however, is reportedly not worried, claiming her man, a member of the club's San Fernando Valley Chapter, has no criminal history, despite the Hells Angel stereotypes.

Over the past year, Shanna hasn't been shy about her new guy, either, posting images of the two of them together in multiple settings.

In one photo of the two of them posted in November, she captioned the photo, "Every girl deserves an angel @tallblock_sfv #love."