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All that glitters is still gold …

Once upon a time, Shirley Eaton was a Bond girl and was painted gold from head to toe for her role in the classic 1964 film, "Goldfinger."

Now, 51 years later, the 78-year-old has once again gilded herself in order to recreate her famous pose, which was featured on the cover of Life magazine.

In "Goldfinger," Eaton played, Jill Masterson, Auric Goldfinger's doomed secretary who was murdered by being painted gold after a romp with the special agent, played by Sean Connery.

For the modern shots done for Daily Mail, the English actress spent two hours having gold pigment powder painted on her face, arms and torso.

"It was fun -- and a challenge. I like challenges. And I did it for the older ladies," Shirley said of the experience.

Despite almost half a century of advances in makeup, the application process took roughly the same length of time, Shirley noted.

The Brit said, "It took about the same amount of time to paint me then as it did this time. The original body paint was an almost clear gel full of gold particles. They had to leave a gap down my tummy because of the breathing thing. Everyone always says the gap was on my back for some reason, but it wasn't."

The photos were released just weeks before the next James Bond film is due out in theaters. Daniel Craig suits up once again as 007 in "Spectre," which hits theaters on Nov. 6.