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The Wanted star Max George has broken his silence about Lindsay Lohan's nightclub fight on Thursday, saying the scuffle was blown out of proportion.

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George and his bandmates were partying with the actress when she allegedly lashed out at a reveler at Manhattan hotspot Club Avenue. Police arrived at the scene and arrested Lohan, but George insists the authorities overreacted.

Appearing on Jojo Wright's radio show in Los Angeles on Friday night, the British pop star said, "We were just out and there was a bit of trouble with someone in the club. But it got blown out of proportion to be honest."

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The singer also played down reports he was at the center of the altercation between Lohan and Tiffany Mitchell, dismissing claims the actress raged at the married psychic when she started flirting with The Wanted star.

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George added, "It wasn't me. I didn't instigate anything. It was nothing to do with me."

The scuffle hasn't discouraged George or his bandmates from hanging out with Lohan again. He told Wright, "She's cool. She was a top girl. She's good fun... She's a nice girl."