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Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi may have turned 27 over the weekend but instead of celebrating her birthday, the party was all about her upcoming nuptials.

The former Jersey Shore reality star is getting married this week to Jionni LaValle, 27, and the couple had their wedding rehearsal on Nov. 22.

Snooki wore a custom- white gown that she co-designed herself with her hair in 1920s-inspired waves. The reality star teased that her wedding will have the opulence of the time period with a Great Gatsby theme.

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Just check out her Crystal Shoe Couture wedding shoes for more proof of the extravagance. She says about the sparkly shoes, "Too much bling, too much? DUH. It's MY wedding!!!! Obsessed!"

In reunion style, her "Jersey Shore" friends and castmates joined her for the rehearsal dinner as she expressed her love for them.

While her friends and family were all together to celebrate both events, they did not have to bring her two presents.

"My birthday is this weekend too and I'm actually not going to celebrate this year. I guess I'm just going to celebrate at my rehearsal dinner," she wrote on her blog. "I'm turning 27 and I just feel like I'm getting really old even though I don't feel old or think I look old! But 27 is almost 30 and that's so crazy because I still consider myself to be 18. I don't know why but I feel like I look like a child. Maybe it's because I'm so short."

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Plus the mother of two, already had the "best birthday presents a girl could ever ask for." Proving how much she has grown up since her "Jersey Shore" days, she posed her  2-month-old daughter Giovanni and 2-year-old son Lorenzo.