Steve-O -- who has been sober for more than 450 days -- has celebrated the milestone with a new tattoo.

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The Dancing With the Stars contestant -- who famously had a giant tattoo of his own face inked on his back -- showed "the one to commemorate my sobriety," a naked man behind bars with the words "Prison Love" written above it.

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That's not the only change he's made in his road to recovery.

"This one used to be a pot leaf," he told Us while pointing to a tattoo on his wrist. "And so I changed that -- into a palm tree!"

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The former Jackass star -- who pleaded guilty to felony cocaine possession in June 2008 and returned to a mental institution to stay sober after problems with ketamine, pcp, nitrous oxide and other drugs -- is now working on a new documentary show for MTV.

"It's my opportunity to prove that I've not lost my mojo to sobriety," he told Us at the Young Hollywood Awards in Santa Monica on Sunday. "That I'm still bats*** crazy."