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Taylor Swift apparently no longer has a blank space in her life for Harry Styles. It seems she actually has no place at all in her life for him!

The famous exes had an awkward, well, we'll call it a non-encounter on Jan. 14 as they both hung out briefly in the lobby of a Los Angeles hotel at the same time following a mutual friend's birthday party.

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But, Taylor didn't even have to "Shake It Off" -- in fact, she didn't even acknowledge the One Direction singer.

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TMZ footage showed Taylor avoiding conversation and eye contact as Harry hammed it up with several people in her group. Taylor seemed to be focused both on her phone and on ending the encounter as quickly as possible.

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It's been a week of exes for Taylor, though, as she had a run-in with ex Jake Gylenhaall after the Golden Globes.

From the sounds of both encounters, Taylor's message was the same: We are never, ever getting back together.