Jennifer Aniston is such a warm and cuddly star that it's hard to imagine her playing a tough, cocksure Clint Eastwood type. Then again, she did open up about her anger management process in the pages of Vogue recently, and now she tells USA Today she'd like to film a "shoot-'em-up."

"I (am) happy to wrestle with humans... I'd like to do [a Western]. There's something else out there that I'm going to be possibly doing called Bounty Hunter. It's good. It's not definite yet."

Come to think of it, we could totally see Jenny Aniston as a grizzled ex-wrestling champion fugitive recovery agent/cowgirl, trekking through the desert plains of Africa and trying to hunt down kidnapping outlaw lovers Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. They could call it Wanted 2: Jen's Revenge.