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On tonight's episode of The Hills, Heidi Montag catches her fiance, Spencer Pratt, on a double date -- without her. (Watch a clip above.)

"Are you kidding me?" Montag says after spotting her beau with a bartender he was caught flirting with last episode. "I had to find out that you were here sneaking around with Stacie. Are you guys dating? Are you having more shots?"

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Charlie, a friend of Pratt's, steps in.

"Heidi, why don't you chill out?" he says. "Your man is just having a night out. He hasn't done anything."

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Pratt's younger sister Stephanie came to Montag's defense, but Pratt -- who says that they all just met "five minutes ago" -- tries to get them to sit down.

"Can I join this double date because that would be so much fun?" Montag says. "How skeezy!"

After the altercation, she demands that she and Pratt go to couple's therapy.

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Also on the new episode -- which airs Monday at 10 p.m. EST -- of The Hills, Lauren Conrad puts her reputation on the line when she gets Stephanie an internship at People's Revolution.

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