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Taking one for the team! Tom Cruise took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to a new level on Tuesday, August 19, by taking not one, but eight challenges in quick succession.

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The Oscar-nominated action star didn't want to let pal Hugh Jackman down after he challenged the entire cast of "Mission Impossible 5" to get dunked in freezing water to raise money and awareness for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis through the ALS Association -- so he did it for them!

Cruise teamed up with his director Chris McQuarrie for the challenge, explaining that getting the entire cast together was literally a mission impossible.

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"Greetings Hugh Jackman and the cast of 'Pan.' Chris McQuarrie and I are here to accept your ALS Ice Bucket Challenge," Cruise announced.

"The entire cast and crew are spread out over three continents but we didn't want to miss the 24-hour deadline so Tom and I are here to take a hit for the team," McQuarrie continued.

"Chris and I are also making donations on behalf of every member of our cast and crew who were lucky enough not to be here today," added Cruise.

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Katie Holmes' ex-husband then sat down on a chair, took off his sunglasses and braced himself as eight large buckets of iced water were thrown over him.

Watch the hilarious video above and see Cruise lose his composure -- and hyperventilate -- towards the end!


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