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Suri Cruise isn't a sartorial copycat.

The fashionable 5-year-old -- who's been known to rock faux fur jackets and kitten heels over the years -- has an innate sense of style, according to her dad Tom Cruise.

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"She was just born that way. I don't know what to say," a proud Cruise, 49, told Us Weekly at the Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol premiere in New York on Monday. "She really creates her own outfits."

Adding that Suri "dresses herself," Cruise said his wife Katie Holmes, 33, has helped curate their daughter's love of clothes.

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"Katie has her create things and sew and stuff like that. It's kind of amazing," Cruise said. "It's beautiful. It's really beautiful."

Holmes -- who recently admitting to coordinating outfits with her celeb BFF Victoria Beckham -- also helps her action star hubby get dressed for red carpet events.

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"Whatever my wife wants me to wear, I wear," Cruise laughed. "It's simple. She has amazing taste."