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Quarterback Tony Romo isn't very creative when planning nights with Jessica Simpson. Their dream date?

"A little bite to eat and probably watch a football game!" he tells Entertainment Tonight.

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Simpson doesn't seem to mind catering to Romo's interests.

"She loves the game. It's exciting for both of us," Romo says. "I've found someone that I get to hang out with and who wants to see our team do well."

But they're not too serious yet. When asked if he had any baby or wedding announcements, Romo teased, "None that I can think of. I'm sure you guys can tell me something new here soon enough, though."

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Romo is the new face of athletics line Starter, sold at Wal-Mart -- but he's not ditching sports for the catwalk any time soon.

"I don't think I'll ever be a model," he says. "I'm not that cool!"

Another career move he's not up for: joining Dancing With the Stars, like Dallas Cowboys teammate Emmitt Smith.

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"He's got more guts than I do," Romo says. "I'll leave that that up to him. I would just embarrass myself."