If there's one thing Tyra Banks loves, it's bacon. The retired supermodel and host of America's Next Top Model has tweeted about her favorite food multiple times in the past week, beginning with this June 8 revelation: "Maple pepper bacon going in," she wrote. "Smile coming out."

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Later that day, Banks, 39, asked her followers, "After stuffing oneself so much that one wants to pass out two days in a row, does one become a glutton? How many days does it take?" Banks joked about her eating habits yet again on June 10, writing, "One of those days where I wake up and go, 'It would be so cool to be a vegan. Gonna start today!' Then I fry bacon."

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Banks' bacon obsession reached an all-time high on June 15. "Lady eating bacon next to me. She just got up and left two pieces. Should I. . .?" she asked. Miss J Alexander, former runway coach on America's Next Top Model, swiftly replied, "No! Don't you dare! Damn, I think it's too late."

The former Victoria's Secret Angel's love of food isn't limited to just bacon, however. According to a June 11 tweet, Banks also has a sweet tooth. "They say you are what you eat," she wrote. "Therefore, I am BBQ and whip cream."

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Because her diet is somewhat unhealthy as of late, Banks is forcing herself to work out more regularly. "The treadmill is calling my name. About to reunite," she tweeted June 11. "There will be tears."

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