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One tough couple! Ronda Rousey, the Ultimate Fighting Championship's biggest name, is apparently off the market.

For months, rumors have swirled that Ronda was dating fellow UFC fighter Travis Browne. On Oct. 12, he spoke to "THE MMA Hour Live" and confirmed that they are a power couple, to say the least.

"I'll say now that we are together," he said. "She's my woman and I am her man."

In the interview, he said that they began talking over the summer and that the seriousness of their relationship has progressed. "There's no boyfriend, girlfriend stuff. There's no dating. We're together."

Travis said the undefeated face of the sport is a "sweetheart" outside of the octagon and one of the hardest working athletes he's ever seen.

For as beloved as Ronda is within the sport and outside of it (she starred in "Entourage," "Furious 7," and has a slate of movies coming up,) the same can't be said for Travis.

In July his ex wife accused him of assaulting her and she posted photos of the alleged injuries as proof. He was even pulled from a large UFC fan event in the wake of the allegations and the fighting organization launched an investigation.

The UFC concluded that there wasn't enough evidence to confirm that Travis abused his ex-wife and he was reinstated. Rumors of Ronda and Travis' relationship began after his ex-wife revealed the fighters were dating in August.

Ronda has not confirmed the relationship.